The Major Uses of the Turkey Fryers – Grilling Guide

A turkey fryer is a profound kettle full of petroleum and heated with propane or electricity. The point is to shorten the cooking period and seal in moisture whilst crisping skin. Fryers do not always include covers, however if you use yours for is either Thanksgiving or even Christmas foods, you might need you to keep the dust off.

Even better, use your fryer yearlong for nonturkey fried and unfried foods which spice up your own garden barbecues, family meals and fun.

Wok and Boil:

Kate Heyhoe of Kate’s Global Kitchen utilizes her turkey burner for outside stir fries in an metallic wok. Due to their high warmth, fryers may flash-cook different kinds of meals –from Asian vegetables into taco fillings. A turkey fryer can sear and singe in moments, maintaining meats browned and tender, and vegetables tender and crisp. Utilize a well-seasoned iron or steel wok (or big skillet skillet) and cook to the terrace, in the lawn, driveway or poolside.

Utilize a fryer to get a saucepan boil by substituting water to petroleum. Create a wealthy cooking broth with sweeteners such as the advocated Zatarain’s Crawfish, Shrimp and Crab Boil at a bag using their Shrimp and Crab Oil, garlic, salt and onions. Eliminate it fast since it will continue to cook for a short time. Cover your garden table with freezer paper glossy side up, spread the fish boil on it, then add crusty baguette or garlic bread and some butter, mustard and other condiments. When done, simply roll the paper up and ditch the water.

Year-Round Programs:

Turkey fryers get warmer than your stove . This attribute alone brings them to a plethora of cooking applications, at least 103 of these recorded in the publication“103 Programs For The Turkey Fryer.” You will find recipes for turkey marinades and sufficient options to maintain your fryer active, not dusty.

Crawfish Boil:

Elvis Presley, The King, once said”If you fry [Mr. Crawfish] you boil him he’ll be sweeter than glucose once you take a snack.” If done correctly, a crawfish bowl entails ingestion pounds of crawfish on paper rather than dishes, elbow-to-elbow together with family and friends. Find a fantastic resource for your fish and get it delivered the dawn of the boil. A fantastic quote is roughly three to five pounds of crawfish per-person.

Crawfish year peaks in March and April and continues until June. Besides this crawfish, corn on the cob, mushrooms, garlic, potatoes, lemons and onions are often included based upon the recipe you pick. Boil the corn and potatoes then another vegetablesthen the crawfish for approximately eight minutes. These days, we throw them into a washing machine and after a hour they are clean.

Buthowever handy, you might be ruining your tops from tear and wear or overpaying in the laundromat or dry cleaners. Even though you might feel as though you’re at a Disney picture, washing your clothes by hand is a great way to prolong their life. It is possible to use your turkey fryer to warm water and soak your clothing.


Put some kind of rack at the floor to stop your jars from splitting (any round rack, canning jar rings plus a hand towel functions ). Then set your jars on your boil pot, submerge in warm water and bring to a boil. Put your jar and lids rings from the boiling water to soften the sealing compound and eliminate once boiled for 10 minutes.

Gently pull on the jars from the boil pot and match with your recipe. After the jars are full, tighten the lids on the jars enough to seal and then put into the boiling water. Set the timer into the prescribed recipe period and eliminate on a soft surface (a towel functions ) so that the pigments do not break. Let them cool and keep away for one more day!

Maple Syrup:

In case you’ve got an insatiable sweet tooth, you may use your turkey fryer to generate maple syrup. Harness your pine trees around three feet in the floor and approximately two inches to the back. Insert the collections into your own pot and boil it till it tastes really sweet, but remains watery in texture.

Prime Rib Roast:Prime rib round the holiday season is kingand for a great reason. Majestically marbled with fat, prime rib roast is rich, tender and succulent, and generally holds the interest of your eyes and stomach. The evening before you intend to fry it, then place your own rub the meat, then cover and set in the fridge overnight.

The following day, allow the roast come to room temperature and warmth three gallons of olive oil to 360°F. Gradually lower the roast to the oil and take care of the temperature in 350°F. A guideline is to cook it for 3 minutes a pound for medium-rare, and four minutes per pound for medium. A fast trick is to put bits of bread under it to absorb the dirt.


Much like brewing, you will want to thoroughly wash your gear when done using it. Hot or warm Powdered Brewery Wash (PBW) along with also a fantastic scrub will help wash away any leftover grit and dirt.


Fryers are hot. Keep overactive dogs and kids from the fryer until it melts. Place it on flat ground in a safe location. Follow manufacturer’s directions. Don’t use non stick cookware or some other pan or utensil that can not resist the ultra-high warmth.

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